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First class women's underwear - BBB Lingerie e Bikinis

Well-chosen high-quality underwear is a real treasure. When using them, we not only feel extremely comfortable, but we also expose ourselves with all our strength. With this, particular attention must be paid to the cut of the bras and the type of materials used for their production. When choosing underwear from the BBB Lingerie and Bikinis brand, we can be sure that we are choosing products of the highest quality.


Ideal bra for large breasts

A large part of the collection we have prepared is underwear designed for women with large breasts. The bras proposed in large sizes collect, support and expose the bust perfectly. Keep in mind that we also offer, among other things, full cup bras, balconette, as well as reinforced semi-padded models.

The products available were made with the utmost care, so you can be sure that they will serve for many years.


We encourage you to buy, and if you have any questions, please contact us.


Thank you for choosing BBB Lingerie e Bikinis as your Store!

Bra Fitting & Our Mission

The perfect bra should be comfortable and fit the bust perfectly. The bra size consists of two parts: a number and a letter.

The number concerns the circumference of our chest under the bust, while the letter - the size of the cup.

It must be remembered that it is not the straps, but mainly the circumference of the bra that is responsible for the good support of the bust.

A bra that is too wide around the circumference will not support the weight of the breast ....

Choosing the wrong bra size can bring you a series of physical and psychological complications including headaches, shoulders and back pain.

Our Mission is to help all women to find the correct size of their lingerie through a bra fitting consultation.

We are specialists!

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