The perfect size for your bra


To find the ideal bra size, just use a standard ribbon. It is important to measure accurately, so that you get the best results, so that the bra fits perfectly on your body.


How to measure


Band size:

In order for the bra to fit perfectly, it is a good idea to measure your rib cage, where the bra is around the body.

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Cup size:

In this palace it is advisable to measure over your breasts.

We are a family owned and operated business.


Alternatively, the measures already set out, as shown in the image below.

table BRAs pt.png

The perfect size for your underwear


Finding the right size for your underpants is quite easy.

Use a standard tape, measure around your hips as you see in the photo, and see the corresponding number in the table.

Table panties pt.png



Perhaps you have already experienced some of these problems, we have the solution.

Table problems pt.png